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Integral Leadership Development

Integral leadership development cultivates the personal, behavioral, cultural, and systems dimensions of leaders as stewards of vital resources within an organization. Most leadership programs tend to focus primarily on one or two of these dimensions (usually performance/behaviors and systems), giving passing attention to the others. A balanced, integrated approach assures that each dimension is understood and aligned for optimal impact and results. The best efforts of leaders are multiplied and reinforced when sourced from the core of the leader, modeled in their behaviors, embedded in the culture, and reinforced in the iterative systems of the organization.

Likewise, when the actions of leaders and stakeholders move with awareness and consideration for the larger systems within which they operate, scarce resources (and their byproducts) can be used without harming local or global ecologies. Smart leadership, indeed, wise leadership, draws on a deeper and broader awareness of the diverse contexts that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of organizations. An integral focus enables leaders to appreciate the synergistic opportunities available for leveraging the best of human, technical, and financial resources. Leaders acting from a panoramic perspective are better able to cultivate networks of people and intelligence, enhancing thoughtful decision-making from a position of informed stewardship. Integral leadership development addresses that full spectrum approach: mind, body, emotions, and spirit, harnessed within the architecture, structure, infrastructure, and culture of the organization -- with awareness and care for conditions in the larger social and ecological world.



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