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Life in Flight

Imagine yourself as a leader moving through time and space. In that process, there are four ever-present forces that continually shape your path: Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag. Within each of these forces are stories from your experience that either pull you forward and up or backward and down. You are always at the "Now" point. Where you go, however, is a function of how you navigate these forces. This diagram will offer some novel ways to track your path and the stories that guide it. (download pdf)

Four Spiritual Relationships

There are four fundamental relationships central to every leader's (and person's) sense of integration and balance: self to self, self to other, self to nature, and self to labor. Overlooking any one weakens the sensibilities and capabilities for acting wisely as a leader, and having a broad and deep enough perspective to do the right thing in challenging circumstances.

As a leader, how do you care for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being? How do you advocate for your needs, wants, and desires in a balanced way with those of others? Are you happy, healthy, and leading a fulfilling life? (download pdf)

Aligning Organizational Drivers

Picture your organization from this integral perspective: "What are the basic elements to align at the meta-architectural level? What are the basic elements to align at the structure and infrastructure levels? And, What are the elements to attune at the foundational (cultural) level?"

"What are the external drivers from the local, national, and global marketplace, including ecological factors? How do they affect internal drivers, and vice versa? How do leaders track and align external & internal drivers to assure resilience and sustainability?" (download pdf)

Integral Gap Analysis

Most leaders are familiar with and regularly use a “gap analysis” as a tool to gauge their organization’s progress. It involves three basic questions (1) What is the current reality?, (2) What is the desired future state? and (3) What needs to happen to get from here to there?

When that structure is complemented with an integral perspective, its breadth and depth are magnified. (download pdf)

The Observer I Am

What affects how you see and interact (i.e., act and react) with the world around you? When your words and actions are not yielding the results you want, do you simply try some new actions? When might that not be enough to generate desirable results? What other ways might you change that could provide different actions and more desirable results? How can you shift your “Observer I Am”? (download pdf)




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