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"Discovering the Skills That Energize You"

This is a field-tested tool (widely used by coaches, consultants, public and private organizations, and universities for over a decade). It is an easy, self-directed (or dialogic) holistic process that helps clients to discover the skills that really engage and inspire them. It looks backward, looks at the present, and looks to the future. It is available in a Professional Version and an Executive Version. These two tools are offered free as an open-source contribution to the community.

Professional Version - Preview / Download
Executive Version - Preview / Download

Centering Exercises

Centering exercises can be as simple as a long, deliberate pause to reflect on the self, breathing, thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, sense of spiritual connection, etc. It may involve moving in intentional ways to harmonize with our physical sense of self in the world. It may include rituals from different cultural traditions, or archetypal images to call forth awareness from the many dimensions of life. There are countless centering exercises that can bring a person into heightened awareness. (read more)

Bridging Difficulties Between People in Organizations: Applying An Appreciative View, Emotional Awareness, and The Speech Acts

The following three clusters of questions can be adapted and used with leaders who are having difficulty working together. It works for top leaders in leadership teams and between supervisors and direct reports. It begins with an appreciative focus at the organizational, team, and individual levels, and moves into the emotional domain, and finally employs speech acts. By beginning with appreciations, a positive focus helps create safety, displays respect, and helps relax the participants. It provides openings in awareness and emotions that are often surprising and unifying... (Read more)

Complete Communication Wheel

The Complete Communication Wheel (with Speech Acts) can be used as a process for walking through any of the following: 1) giving a compliment, 2) giving constructive feedback, 3) “clearing” unsettled issues between two people, and 4) as a mini-coaching framework. It can also be used when advocating for oneself, inquiring of others, and apologizing to another. Each of these processes enhances self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management – for both the giver and receiver. (download pdf article)

Levels of Developmental Coaching

At any given point in time, leaders operate from a particular “critical mass” or level of development in the four domains: cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual. Within each domain there are competencies in a slow or rapid process of development (moving from an initial “novice” level upwards towards “mastery”). (Read more)

Suffering & Gratitude

Although the tendency of the leader may be to discount or push quickly past the emotions and suffering, it is territory rich with meaning, insight, and data – and a connecting point where surface stories may connect with larger hidden stories. Here are some questions that help explore and mine the denser emotional openings. (Read more)



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