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Executive and Team Coaching

  • Executive Coaching supports leaders in their chosen areas of development to leverage their best capacities and for drawing forth the best capacities of others. When in top form, leaders have a keen sense of awareness, are adept at managing their behaviors effectively, and create compelling generative stories to focus actions toward strategic outcomes that support sustainability. Leaders display integrity, courage, and stewardship. They integrate and reinforce vision, drive implementation, and model inspirational leadership. The coaching relationship is a working partnership where the coach's stance is essentially one of inquiry, curiosity, and provocative questioner in a nonjudgmental way in total support of the leader's growth.
  • Leadership Team Coaching builds on the concepts and processes of Executive Coaching, involving leadership team members in similar developments of self-awareness, self-care, social awareness, and social-care. Team coaching involves a 360 interview process for direct reports, supervisors, peers, and select stakeholders. It builds essential collaboration skills, convening skills, methods for tapping collective intelligence, and systems for capturing and managing knowledge, among others.
  • Ready-made teams of highly qualified, certified executive coaches are available to deploy to meet your organization-wide coaching needs at any time. Each leader may interview three coaches from a roster of professional biographies before choosing the one most suited for him or her. Coaching programs last for six months, meeting or tele-meeting up to 4 hours per month, with options to re-contract for additional months. Abbreviated 360s are initiated at the beginning in order to engage a social support system and focus collaboratively on specific developmental areas of value.

If desired, we will custom-design and implement a comprehensive coach training program that will train your own internal coaching cadre.

Call (240) 277-8660 or email Lloyd@integral-focus.com to talk further about how to start a integrally-focused coaching program in your organization.


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