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About the Integral Approach

An integral leadership approach heightens attention to active stewardship for attuning social energy, environmental awareness, and the financial bottom line. All three are essential for a strategically-focused and energized culture with balanced high-performance outcomes in dynamic and unstable global environments.

An integral approach addresses these needs by leveraging the interdependencies of the internal, external, particular, and systems dimensions of leadership and organizational life -- or more specifically, of

human capital's...
• Mind,  
• Body,
• Heart, &
• Spirit   
  with the organization's ...
Infrastructure, &
    with the ecology's ...
Wildlife, &
Natural resources

This intersection between leaders and the organization, between attunement & alignment from a holistic awareness, between the internal and external environments, is where synergy is catalyzed and sustainability lives.

Attunement of the body, mind, heart, and spirit of leaders naturally strengthens authenticity -- through congruence of the interior values and beliefs with external behaviors, "walking the talk," integrity in action. But, authenticity is not enough. The impact of leadership can be diminished by the steady rhythm of counter-forces and fragmented visions. Authentic leaders address those forces, as well, through active stewardship and integrated alignment of the organization's architecture, systems, processes, and culture -- assuring the day-to-day reinforcement of a bold, clear, and meaningful vision-in-action.

To discuss how an integral approach may be helpful for your organization, call (240) 277-8660 or email Lloyd@integral-focus.com.


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